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Where other companies focus on discounts and offer interior products with meager savings, Incisive stands apart by focusing on quality and value. Cutting costs on crowns isn’t beneficial if they demand significant adjustments or fail to seat properly, resulting in reschedules. Instead, Incisive focuses on supplying a crown that requires minimal adjustment and puts time back into your schedule.

By aligning our vendors with the mission of Incisive, we create a network of trusted partnerships that deliver value across the practice continuum.

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Who We Service

At Incisive, we understand the unique circumstances faced by individuals who are small business owners and clinicians. We recognize that the time devoted to managing your business reduces the time available for patient care, thereby reducing your revenue-generating potential. 

We offer a tailored approach to support your practice by pre-qualifying vendors after an exhaustive nationwide search. Our network of trusted partners ensures that you have access to premium vendors who meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Incisive acknowledges the diversity of operations among DSOs, ranging from large corporate groups to regionally focused entities. For DSOs that prioritize quality, we stand as an ideal partner, offering extensive support in managing multiple locations.

Moreover, we assist in tackling the challenges associated with implementing new vendors and building credibility within the organization.

Incisive is committed to supporting dental schools in their mission to educate and shape the future of dentistry. We understand the importance of providing students with access to the latest advancements, resources, and data to enhance their learning experience

Some of Our Partners

Premium Dental Partnership Services

Dental Labs & Ortho

We offer access to a carefully curated network of top-tier dental labs renowned for their precision and expertise. Whether it’s a focus on form, fit, and function, the highest quality feldspathic veneers, or a 100% digital all-on-x workflow, our partners are the best at what they do.

Dental Technology

Incisive supports the adoption and integration of technology from hardware to software. Whether its advancing a clinical workflow, adding efficiency in operations, or patient support services, Incisive has reviewed the landscape and can recommend the best options available.

Professional Services

Our network partners are the best at insurance expertise, seamless claims management, recruiting and staffing, accounting services, valuation and sell-side support, invaluable expert consulting, and more. With Incisive, you can navigate all aspects of your practice with confidence, whether you’re strategizing for the future or addressing pressing issues.

Better Vendors,
Better Outcomes

Through this rigorous process, we ensure that our partners deliver unmatched quality and service. It’s a dynamic ecosystem where dental practices flourish, and patients receive exceptional outcomes.

Selection Criteria:

  • Vendor Differentiation
  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality
  • Continuous Member Feedback
  • Alignment with Our Mission

“I wholeheartedly recommend Incisive to any dental practitioner…”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Incisive to any dental practitioner seeking superior quality products and exceptional service. I was initially hesitant to switch my lab – they were getting the job done with my spending time adjusting proximal contacts and occlusion, and sometimes sending crowns back due to marginal fit issues. Since working with Incisive’s partner, we’ve reduced seating time by 50% and have had minimal remakes. The majority of the time I don’t make any adjustments prior to seating.”

Rami Salha, DDS

“Incisive has been a huge help in supporting…”

“Incisive has been a huge help in supporting our practice in improving the quality of our partners and reducing costs. It’s a no brainer when you can improve the quality of products and reduce costs. They’ve made our life easier, our patients happier, and the bottom line better”

Westport Dental Associates

Dr. Bill Dorfman

Here is a video testimonial from Bill Dorfman

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